Sex, Lies, and NVC

Sun, 01/21/2018 - 1:00pm - 4:15pm

Presented by Barbra Esher

In an NVC workshop recently, we discussed what stimulated the feeling of shame. For some people, SEX was on the top of their list. Many expressed that they would like to work more extensively on this topic.

Whether we are in a relationship or not, sex can be an amazing, beautiful, passionate, precious, and sacred part of life. Being able to talk about sex with ease, be fully present when others talk about it, and be in full self-expression of our own sexuality are innate yearnings within us. NVC can support us in healing old wounds and living life more fully.

  • Enhance your comfort in talking more openly about sex  
  • Transform old beliefs about sex that don't serve Life
  • Feel empowered to clearly ask for what you want 
  • Learn how to hear and say no with compassion  
  • Experience the safety, care, and fun of a supportive community in which you can learn and grow! 

I want to thank Roger Sorrow and Anne Walton, whose workshop “Let’s Talk Sex” has informed this seminar tremendously!