New Leadership for Capital NVC

I'm delighted to announce that Barbra Esher and  and Chris Hartstein will join the Capital NVC Board of Directors. I have missed the leadership previously provided by a more active Capital NVC board. Barbra and Chris will replace Bob Wentworth and Jone Johnson. We are grateful to Bob and Jone, who have supported Capital NVC in ways large and small over many years. Both of them took on major new responsibilities three years ago: Bob's focus has been on re-inventing CNVC, and he now lives in Vashton Island, WA. An NVC-friendly congregation in New York found Jone, and she is now fully engaged there. 

For the past three years, Joy Peyton, Rhonda Eldridge, and Mali Parke have provided really competent caring and support in maintaining the website, newsletter, and books. Rhonda and Mali are going in slightly different directions this year. So Joy and I are grateful that Barbra and Chris will bring energy to the Capial NVC board. Perhaps you've noticed that some recent newsletters have only one local workshop announced, the one given every month by Barbra or Chris in Baltimore.

Barbra will chair the new board, which will consist of me, Barbra, and Chris. We had our 'getting paperwork done' meeting a few days ago. I am excited that that was productive, painless, and CONNECTING, and we will address more interesting topics at an end-of-the-month meeting. Barbra is off to participate in a training for 10 days. 

We are eager to hear ideas for what people want from Capital NVC and ways they would like to connect. Contact Barbra any time at her landline/office number (410-360-3534) or email (QiofNVC [at] gmail [dot] com (QiofNVC [at] gmail [dot] com)). I am at 301-270-8754 or hallych [at] gmail [dot] com, and Chris is at hartstein5 [at] gmail [dot] com or 443-834-8590.

Hally Childs