International Intensive Training - Special Focus: Power, Privilege & the Body (San Francisco)

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 12:00am - Sun, 12/10/2017 - 12:00am
This 9-day intensive residential training offers an immersion in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), for both those new to NVC and those with a depth of NVC experience and practice. In addition to CNVC's standard IIT curriculum, this intensive will include a special focus on the relationship between NVC and the dynamics of power, social rank, systemic marginalization, and trauma; and the ways that understanding our neurobiology can enhance our capacities for connection, healing, and holding ourselves and others with kindness.
NVC offers support for us individually in experiencing more joy and aliveness, and collectively in relating in ways that are aligned with the human longing to make life more wonderful for one other.
The insights of social justice enhance our abilities to achieve NVC's goals of supporting connection and care and creating a world that works for all. The insights of NVC support bringing loving care into social justice work in a way that offers hope for moving beyond pain and divisiveness.
Along with other topics, we will look at how to move beyond controversy towards togetherness. Words like "privilege" can be flashpoints, on the one hand naming and summarizing experiences that might otherwise be invisible and unacknowledged, and on the other hand potentially stimulating unnecessary pain, and adding to alienation and division. Attention will be given to how we can use language, framing, and awareness to help move beyond blame and shame to experience compassion, clear seeing, acknowledgement, and coming together in loving and empowered ways to work toward enjoying a better world together.

Who this is for

We welcome those committed to social justice, racial equity, decolonization work, and conscious use of power, and are possibly new to NVC; as well as those interested in or committed to NVC, and possibly new to the ways that awareness of issues of power, social ranking, and neurobiology can enhance our abilities to connect and reclaim our full humanity.


Roxy Manning, Miki Kashtan, Sarah Peyton, Jeyanthy Siva, and Bob Wentworth

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See information about this event and the IIT FAQ on the CNVC website.