Extended Training Programs

Those who wish to really sink into making Nonviolent Communication a key part of their lives may want to participate in one of the extended training programs offered around the country. These programs run from six months to two years in duration. Some programs that we know about include: Local

  • Capital NVC trainer Lynd Morris offers the Welcoming LIFE program. This affordable program is based on the practices of Robert Gonzales.

General NVC

NVC Integration Including Inner or Spiritual Focus

  • The 2-year LIFE program and other programs by Robert Gonzales concerning the spiritual dimension of NVC are popular enough so as to be minimally advertised. Several Capital NVC trainers have trained with Robert, and have found his offerings to be deeply enriching.
  • The 3 month ZENVC Ango offered by Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens by phone and email supports the development and deepening of a daily practice in both meditation and NVC.
  • The year-long New Depths program is offered by Susan Skye.


Sharing NVC

  • Many Capital NVC trainers have participated in the Bay NVC Leadership Program and have found it to be immensely rewarding. The program is primarily for people interested in sharing NVC with others.

French Language

Note that many programs are offered only once a year, and that you may or may not be apply to a given program at an given point in time.

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