Hally Childs

I've been studying Nonviolent Communication for about 10 years, in workshops, retreats, and practice groups. In 2008, I completed the North American Leadership program given by Bay NVC and in 2009, I attended an International Intensive Training with Marshall Rosenberg. Since attending my first workshop, I have wanted to share this approach that seemed so logical, so right, and so much in line with my own values and the values taught by many religions. It's taken several years to absorb, and begin to practice, what I heard at that first workshop, and I still really want to share what I learn.

For the past four years, I have been enrolled in the Mediate Your Life (formerly NVC Mediation) Program given by Ike Lasater and John Kinyon, and I welcome opportunities to share the skills I've practiced in that program.

I have been giving workshops for small groups and facilitating practice groups for six years.

Contact me at: 301-270-8754 or hallych [at] gmail [dot] com